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GDPR , Romaclub and You


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation that was made a legal requirement in 2016 by the European Union and ratified by the European Parliament and The Council of Europe. The regulations were encompassed into UK law in 2018.  The purpose of GDPR is to make sure that any personal information and data held by an organisation is done so in a secure and legal manner. To that end organisations need to obtain consent from you to store and use your personal information. If you joined the club before 2018 you will have received a consent form to agree to the club holding personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. There is now a consent form included in the membership application form for all new members. There are no formal instructions as to how often this consent should be sought and here at the club we are working on the assumption that your consent gained when joining the club will last for the duration of your membership. The information we hold is limited to your names, addresses, phone numbers and details of your vehicle.  Rest assured that this information is always stored on password protected devices and will never be shared with a third party. Should you leave the club all information stored on our database will be deleted. Although your continued consent is assumed you are free to withdraw it at any time.  Should you choose to withdraw your consent then you can write to the membership secretary at stating your desire to ‘opt out’.


Although the UK has now left  the European Union the regulations still remain in place. Should the regulations, in the future, change then we will inform you accordingly.



Our star prize at the Ripon AGM was a chance to win your Roma Road Tax for free. Our lucky winner Frank received a cheque to cover his yearly tax.

With the cost of living continuing to rise and the money we need to find to keep our Romas on the road and touring the committee have decided to run this as an annual raffle.

To make it fair to every member, as not all members wish to or are able to attend the AGM, entry will be automatic for everyone who has renewed their membership by 1st February 2023.

The star prize will be drawn at the 2023 AGM and the winner notified.

This doesn’t cost you anymore than your current membership fee of £20 which was due on 1st December 2022. For those of you that joined after October 2022 you will already be entered as your subscription is not due for renewal till December 2023.

If you cannot attend the AGM but want to know if you have won then you can follow the proceedings live on Youtube. Just type in 'Romaclub' in the Youtube search bar and you will see it advertised.

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