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Fire !

Heaven forbid that you will ever be subject to a fire in your Romahome, but when you grab the fire extinguisher, can you be sure that it will work ?

A letter in the `Camping and Caravanning Club’ magazine, draws our attention to the fact that the powder filled extinguishers need a little gentle maintenance to ensure that they will work if ever called upon in an emergency.

Powder settles, and compacts.
Take a few moments to take the extinguisher, turn it upside down, and give it a good shake. Then another, and another.

Then put it back, and relax for another few months.

Don’t have a fire extinguisher in your Romahome ? It could well be worth the investment. Oh, you have a fire blanket ? Don’t just rely on that. Your Romahome has electrical wiring and gas fitting etc., so have `belt and braces’.

It’s also good idea to have an appliance in the cab too. Your never know when someone else needs help.  Be a good boy scout – BE PREPARED.

Allan Horne. Editor. Roma Review.

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