Lickhill Rally. 9th, 10th and 11th September.

Just a few notes.

1, Upon arrival at the gate, you will be signed in, you will receive your little note of the programme, and if you are a new member, be offered a ribbon to attach to your name badge. (What name badge? you may ask.)
You should also be given a blank name badge to wear during the event.
Then, a steward will be pointed out to you, who will show you to your allocated pitch.

2. As soon as you have been shown your pitch and settled, head for the marquee, where a welcoming cup of tea or coffee will be provided. Emma and Brenda will be looking after you, but DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MUG (or cup and saucer, if you are posh.)
You may also get a biscuit, or even a cake (but this depends on how many of our club members have remembered to bring some to share.)

3. When you have settled in, can you practice your item for the Saturday night’s
Home Grown Entertainment evening. Also look out items to sell at the table top sale on Saturday morning.

4. The sharing of delights for Sunday evening’s Pot Luck Supper proved a great success at Ripon, so can you please search your van’s larder for some food to share.

5. That’s it then. After all this excitement, Friday is all yours. A walk to Stourport-on-Severn looks a good idea. You could also buy a treat for the Sunday supper !

6. During the weekend. If you wish, join Brenda Horne for her Craft Workshop.

7 and last.  Monies raised from the Raffle and the `Songs of Praise’ collection, are to be given to
The Red Cross.



I had thought that it might be nice to have a small craft workshop at Lickhill in September.
       It arose from something one of our members said at the AGM.
       I do make a large variety of things to sell, and one of our most popular is the little felt dog which you can hang on your Christmas tree.
There are quite a few tree decorations which can be simply made, so if anyone is interested, could they please let me know, and I will bring the necessary bits and pieces.
       I do, however, realise that some of you are much better qualified to do this ! ! !

Brenda Horne.   
Tel.  01295 28580.