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Rallies & Meets

A Guide for Rally Organisers

Firstly, I would like to point out the difference between a Rally and a Meet.  In both cases you will have to find a suitable site and carry out the details below.


  • A Meet is where you find a suitable Club site either Camping and Caravan Club or Caravan and Motorhome.  Details need to be put in the advertisement in the Review etc.  Members wishing to join in would first inform you and then book themselves in at the site you have sourced.  (Charges will be the club site charges).

  • A Rally can be on a field with very few facilities or a site with facilities but members will book entirely through you and pay you for the Rally, payment is often done during the Rally, please remember to be sure just what facilities are offered on the Rally site you have sourced.


The following information will need to be followed whether it is a Meet or a Rally.


If you want to run a Rally/Meet, there are a lot of people who will give you advice and help - just ask any of the committee, or anyone who has previously run a Rally. Consult with the Rally Officer, who not only will be able to offer advice, but will also confirm what dates are available in the club calendar, and will send you the necessary paperwork to fulfil our insurance requirements. Don't be afraid to discuss any concerns or doubts you may have. Once the Rally is organised, full details must be sent to the Rally Officer for publication (information required as per example below).

Rally Diary 2018

Sun 7 - 12


5 Nights

Bridge Farm, B2080 Appledore Kent TN262DE

Toilets and washroom but no EHU. On the northern edge of Romney Marsh, very close to Royal Military Canal. Bus runs from village, walking distance to nice pub and shops, good walking area and walks could be organised for any who wish to take part. £7.50 PUPN

Your contact details need to be placed here

Rallies are a maximum of 5 nights, but back to back rallies prove very popular as they save on fuel. If you can, either choose two sites or talk to the Rally Officer about some else organising a second Rally to link up with your site and location. Negotiate with the site owner a Rally fee, and if any special rules are required by them.

  • Ascertain Facilities:

  • Tap and Tip

  • Showers

  • Toilets

  • Dishwashing Area

  • EHU

  • Any Other Facilities

If possible, find out about local transport, fish and chips an other food venues, shops and places of interest to visit. Also maps of local footpaths are very helpful. Group Meals, Fish and Chip Suppers and organised walks  prove very popular.

We hold a DEFRA certificate which allows us to organise rallies on non-licensed fields. Please note, for rallies held under this certificate only pre - enrolled members are licensed to attend (DEFRA rule).

Clear signs are important at the entrance to the site, these are available from the club, or you are welcome to make your own. Please be careful when putting signs up, both to yourself, and making sure they do not cause obstruction.  Please also to remember to remove these signs at the end of your Rally. You may make a Rally fee charge to cover your expenses (for group refreshments etc.

Dogs must be kept under control, on leads, with respect to others. Dog owners must clean up after their animals. Please ensure dogs are not allowed to be a nuisance.

A tent or meeting place is useful if there is no access to a barn or hall. (Note if there is a hall or barn there may be an extra charge for its use. If you have problems contact the Rally Officer or one of the Committee. Spacing for safety - remember to allow 6 metres between each motorhome. It is advisable to have either the organiser or a responsible person on site at all times.  Running a Rally will certainly take up some of your precious time - not only during the rally, but in the planning as well. However it brings real satisfaction - so be brave, and give it a try!

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