National AGM 2022

To whet your appetite


Following the success of the National 2021, your committee are now scratching their heads to keep you entertained as successfully in 2022.

This brief resume, we hope, will encourage you to support us and book early, it does help!

The National and AGM 2022 will be held at: -

                       Lockside Caravan Park,
                       North Yorkshire
                       between the 20th and 23rd May.


As the results of the vote were to move the National around the four points of the compass it is now the turn of the North.  
Don’t be daunted, we are really very friendly.

Ripon is the third smallest city in the U.K. and is the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.

With this beautiful surrounding scenery in mind we have booked a coach tour for Saturday which will wind through spectacular Dales villages, stopping for morning coffee, and then on to Hawes for lunch and time to explore this interesting small town.


We have even accommodated your pooches on the trip!

Well behaved dogs, on a short lead and not on the seats are welcome.

Let’s show the coach operator how good our dogs are, it might encourage other companies to follow suit.

Other ideas to keep you amused and entertained, including a ceilidh band, are in the pipeline so make a note of the date.
We look forward to seeing you in Yorkshire.

                        Susan Johnson
                               Rally Officer.



Rallies and Meets.

What we need from members are ideas for a site suitable for a small (or medium) rally.

Is there anywhere in your area?   In the next Review, our ex-membership secretary explains how to organise a rally

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